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Search update #1

Introducing user search, a long-awaited feature.
UI update.

Introducing AIR Storage

AIR Storage is a world-patented encryption storage system.
AIR Storage takes advantage of the so-called "broken file". By using the non-operational attribute of the "broken file", AIR Storage ensures that the file after encryption stays non-operational, even when the said file was obtained by someone else.

ADIs Update 3.0

A massive upgrade in stability after the immigration to Cxino Cloud.
Introducing a brand new ADI - Article List.

Cxino Cloud Update 2.0

Massive upgrade after the iTag immigration. ADIs are now deeply becoming a part of Cxino Cloud.
By taking advantage of ADIs, the main area of Cxino Cloud now acquires the ability to be fully customizable.

Migrate iTag into Cxino Cloud

There was a massive purpose overlapping between iTag and Cxino Cloud. Since the mission for Cxino Cloud is becoming the brain of all Cxino products, therefore we are migrating iTag features (Primarily the ADI function) to Cxino Cloud.
We strongly believe this will make Cxino Cloud more features rich, more robust, and more importantly, this move streamlines our products, and make us more target focused.

Introducing Folder

Folder is where allows users to upload their files, and share them with whoever they desire.
In Cxino Folder, there are two sharing methods, one is called Publish which the user publishes a file for all the viewers to see; the other is called Point Share which the user assigns a file for a person or multiple personnel to view, and only the ones who are assigned can view the file.
More Folder related futures are on the way.

Cxino Cloud Update 1.0

UI upgrade, a lot of new features were introduced in this patch after the initial launch, and more features are on the way.

Cxino Cloud Paired with Atphon

Cxino Cloud officially become the brain of Atphon and will be proving much more exciting services in the future.

Synchronize Cxino ID with Cxino Cloud

Personal information is now shared between Cxino Cloud and Cxino ID.

Improvement on ADIs

Improved UI on ADIs.

Cxino Cloud & Offical Website Updates

Several minor updates lay the foundation for future updates.

Launch of Cxino Cloud

Cxino Cloud is the brain of all Cxino IoT products, which provides unparalleled power to unleash the potential of every Cxino product.
Not only displaying useful information, Cxino Cloud really tries to be your personal assistant.

ADIs Update 2.0

Massive improvement to stability. The issue causing file-related content to go missing after editing an iTag application has been fully addressed.

Two More ADI

Two more new ADIs are being introduced.

ADI Bug Fix

Minor bugs fixed.

ADIs Update 1.0

Major upgrade over the older version of ADIs. Improved UI, more consistent styling, and fixed several bugs.

ADI Bug Fix

Minor bugs fixed.

Introducing ADI

ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), allows adding functions to the iTag application simply by drag and drop. Our iTag users now can create their professional applications exactly the way they want them.
On this initial release, there are three ADIs have been introduced, and more are coming in the future.

Change Login Page from Individual to Official Website

Unified login page, iTag now adopts the official website login system.

Launch of iTag

The complexity of technology can be bit overwhelming, sometimes all you need is just a simple application to spread out the message.
With Intelligent Tag (iTag), you can create a free and professional web application all on your own, starting with a simple template and customize it, then share the stunning application you just created through an automated QR Tag.
When you choose iTag, you don’t just get a drag and drop application builder. You get the whole package. Free reliable web hosting, top security, the best SEO and a dedicated support team to help you along the way.