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Convertible combination of attire and backpack with network communication and intelligent sensing features
(US Patent No. US-11470948-B2)
Atphon Travelwear is a patented project of Internet of Things under development.
The first-generation product of Atphon Travelwear has been produced and will soon be launched Market.
This innovative project introduces the technology of Internet of Things into field of attire design, and creates a communicative and sensitive device, its purpose is to liberate mobile devices from "hand-held” mode, and use the convertibility of attire to protect and enhance intelligent elements.
Attire is big in size, large in capacity, deformable in shape, attachable and detachable in structure, and its carried items can be exposed and concealed at will.
Attire is a daily necessity in people's lives, and the most suitable place for development of new generation of mobile intelligent device to replace the miniaturized traditional mobile one.
The technical achievements of hardware "miniaturization" make Atphon Travelwear more intelligent, more fashionable and popular with users.
Atphon Travelwear increases the choice of chip types, and expands the installation space of intelligent components.
This patented technology has the following four items that are under development or have been applied to the first-generation of Atphon products, they are:
  1. Smart attire transformable to backpack
    Protected by claim2 of Patent US-11470948-B2:
    COMS attire comprising detachable hat, neck bag, waistband, intelligent decorative fabrics.
    The COMS attire composed of main body of article of clothing and matching body of article of clothing.
    The main body of article of clothing equipped with intelligent hardware and software and decorative fabric cover as functional attire with intelligent features.
    The matching body of article of clothing not equipped with intelligent hardware and software.
    The main body of article of clothing and the matching body of article of clothing is made into complete attire with a interlayer in the middle.
    The main body of article of clothing worn outward acts as a functional attire, the matching body of article of clothing worn outward acts as an ordinary attire, and both the interlayer of main body and the interlayer of matching body turned from inside out together to form a backpack.
    Article of clothing changeable to backpack and back apron.
    The backpack formed by turning the inner layer of interlayer of article of clothing to outer layer of backpack and turning the top of article of clothing to bottom of backpack.
    The detachable hat on COMS attire capable of be used as neck bag and a shoulder bag after it be detached from attire, and be stored in a pocket in the interlayer of COMS attire during it be left unused.
  2. The data processor (Hubware) installed on attire
    Protected by Claim3 of Patent US-11470948-B2:
    The independent components of COMS attire comprise intelligent decorative fabrics and special chips.
    The chipset of hubware comes with remote network connectors comprising Wi-Fi, and short-range network connectors comprising Bluetooth. the components of hubware chipset comprise chips of system data storage, chips of user data storage, chips of application software storage, chips of fragmented data processor, and chips of temporary data processing (RAM).
    The hubware chipset has a SIM card slot to make SIM card freely installed, replaced and removed by user.
    The hubware chipset communicates by using a dedicated network account as one of the credentials.
    The network account used to manage the information of hubware chipset and overall COMS attire by the attire owner.
    The hardware identity information of hubware chipset is a key credential to be used when verifying the dedicated network account.
    The hardware identity information of hubware chipset comprises serial number and internal code, the said hardware identify information acts as a communication verification credentials in network activity of COMS attire.
  3. AIR Storage
    Protected by Claim7 of Patent US-11470948-B2:
    When hubware acts as a fragmented data processor on COMS attire, the fragmented data processor and local fragmented data are selectively and separately stored in hubware, and capable of be set to reject other type of data to store in storage chips dedicated to fragmented data;
    The working steps of fragmented data processor on COMS attire comprise: the full data transmitted from mobile devices to COMS attire be split into local fragmented data and remote fragmented data, then local fragmented data be stored in storage chips of hubware on COMS attire, remote fragmented data be transferred to remote server for storage by COMS attire; The fragmented data destroyed the informative meaning by adding interfering code, disrupting code sorting by processor, and never restored to original full data with only a piece of separate fragmented data;
    The local fragmented data capable of be made into decorative graphics on attire comprising QR code graphics used for login verification credentials for a particular COMS attire account, and directly used for COMS attire account login verification credentials;
    When local fragmented data as verification credential detected by account system, the local fragmented data and related remote fragmented data enter the process of assembling and restoring to original full data file on server side; assembly and restoration succeeds, account login verification succeeds, otherwise, login verification failed.
    Protected by Copyright (Canada Registration Number 1132464):
    Network Server Base Assembling of Isolated Remote Data (Server Base AIR Storage)
  4. Semi-network OS architecture
    Protected by Claim8 of Patent US-11470948-B2:
    The system support provided by hubware comprises the system support to COMS attire and the system support to other desktops and laptops.
    The hubware acts as a center chip on COMS attire programmed to provide system support to various mobile intelligent devices, auxiliary devices and independent intelligent components on COMS attire.
    The hubware also provides basic operating system support for desktops and laptops other than COMS attire, in this case, the system data stored in hubware input into the RAM of desktops and laptops to support the operation comprising keyboard, mini-screen, mouse, external storage device and RAM, then the desktop and laptop is dominated by hubware, and its original operating system stop working.
    In hubware dominated desktops and laptop, the operating system is composed of two parts, one part provided by hubware, the other part be downloaded from network server, and the network part be complementary to the part provided by hubware.
    The network part of operating system guided and detected by hubware, and downloaded to desktops and laptops as needed.
    The hubware part and the network part of operating system combined into one and run in the RAM of desktops and laptops.


A design of double-side attire changeable to backpack with backpack straps hidden in interlayer of two matching body of attire then backpack formed by turning interlayer of attire to outer layer of backpack and turning top of attire to bottom of backpack
Registration Number:1195999
Registered: 2022-09-06
Date Published: 2021-02-20
A clothing design for installing rearview mirror on side of head of wearer to observe the rear scenes of body that a foldable holder of mirror is mounted near shoulder of front chest of clothing and be hidden by decorative cover or pocket when not in use
Registration Number: 1157979
Registered: 2019-03-21
Network Server Base Assembling of Isolated Remote Data (Server Base AIR Storage)
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Using File as User Authentication (File Print)
Registration Number: 1132465
Registered: 2016-08-02
Date Published: 2016-02-04

Copyrighted Prototype Sample and Tech-pack of Attire

This is a copyrighted prototype sample and tech-pack of combination of attire and backpack, and the prototype sample was completed in 2019.



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