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Everything in life

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Bring everything online with ease.

The core of Atphon resides in its Control Center, a robust nucleus. In the complex landscape of technology, a straightforward application becomes pivotal in maintaining connections and effortlessly exchanging messages.
Nestled within Cxino Cloud is the heart of Atphon's Control Center, seamlessly intertwining with all our IoT products—an exclusive advantage.
However, Cxino Cloud transcends the role of a mere control center. Through a drag-and-drop interface, Cxino Cloud can readily craft polished web applications. Commence with a template, mold it according to your needs, and enhance its impact through an automated QR Tag.
Cxino Cloud offers more than just a solution; it provides a holistic journey. Its benefits encompass complimentary web hosting, robust security, prominent SEO, and steadfast support. Discover the Cxino Cloud—where potential truly radiates.

Build Your Unique IoT Application

To create cloud for your application, follow these steps:

Customize your application
Start from scratch by choosing application layout then fully customize using the drag and drop application builder, get a free online application designed just for you.
Add advanced features
Sharing your own story, add a picture gallery and files folder. You can always add more features as you needed.
Optimize for search engines
Answer a few questions about your application, location and keywords and get a personalized SEO plan to get found online.
Publish Cloud
Sharing your sparkling creation over intenet through a long and liveless link? With the Cxino Cloud, you can share the application you just created much more in style.
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Atphon Control Center

Easily manage and control all your Cxino IoT products, including Atphon Travelwear, through remote settings, conveniently accessible at your fingertips.

Drag & Drop Builder

Develop sophisticated web applications effortlessly, even if you lack technical expertise. Simply choose an ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) and position it – it's as straightforward as that!

AIR Storage©

AIR Storage constitutes our patented encryption storage system, leveraging the concept of the "broken file." This innovative approach takes advantage of the dormant attributes inherent to such files, ensuring that once encrypted, the file remains non-operational even if accessed by an unauthorized party.

QR Tag

When the moment comes to distribute your creation, why not consider using a QR tag? It's a tidy and efficient option.