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Meet Atphon Travelwear

"The original intention of Atphon was to use modern intelligent technology to provide a safety guarantee for the travel of aging people with senile mental retardation, but now, the ideas and goals of our Atphon has been broader and deeper.

Atphon started with a sense of mission and responsibility. Caring, will always be the soul of Atphon."

Walter Zhang

Chief Executive Officer of Cxino

Hunger. Cold. Lost.

A haggard, tired and dirty elderly lady hovered around a food booth. When the owner of the booth asked the elderly lady what she wanted, the elderly lady could hardly hide her shame and said that her wallet had been lost, and she was just passing by. As the elderly lady speaks, her eyes longed for the food in the booth. The owner of the booth is a kind-hearted person. She mistook the elderly lady in front of her for a poor beggar suffering from hunger, so she persuaded the poor elderly lady to have some fried sticks and soy milk. When the owner of the booth promised to give more free food, the elderly lady declined gently.
That elderly lady mentioned above is one of my relatives, who was suffering from dementia caused by aging brain malfunctioning when the incident described above occurred. In fact, my relative was an accomplished professional woman before her retirement, her income after retirement was still abundant, abundant enough for her to donate money to charity on a regular basis without affecting her living quality at all. Her helpful deeds have also once been published in a local newspaper.
My relative was living a wonderful life, she had a husband who loved her so much, and had all the respect from all her offspring. But things changed.
A few years ago, to our great panic, my relative had gone missing suddenly, when she was almost 90 years old. Our family searched for her 3 days non-stop, every single one of the family members was looking for her anxiously. We turned to public authorities, television stations and network resources, but there was no any news until the third day, that my elderly relative came home by herself with mud covering all over her, and she could not remember anything happened in these 3 days and had lost all of her belongings. We were all just grateful that she came back home alive.
Not long after my relative’s first time gone missing, she took off in the middle of a night while all family members were asleep and her shadow merged into darkness. In the early morning of the day, we noticed that she had gone missing again. Just like the first time, we utilized all the resources we could, but very little information was returned. The GPS tracking device we bought for her right after the first time incident, was disappointingly been disposed of on a random street with some of her belongings lying around. We searched for her again and again, but with no sign of direction left for us to track, the hope of rescue very soon became minming. Just as we were faffing around searching for my relative, hundreds of miles away, there was this owner of a food booth, she was handing out free food and drinks to a haggard, tired and dirty elderly lady hovered around. The owner of the booth noticed the appearance of this poor looking elderly lady is very similar to the photograph of the missing person announced by a network platform. Soon communication was established, my relative finally was found and came home after curled a freezing cold night in a deserted construction site.
Due to her dementia, my elderly relative had repeatedly gone missing several times before her final passed away in 2019. We as a family did all we could to prevent the situation from getting any worse. After going through searching processes again and again, the frustrations that I encountered really motivated me to seek solutions for many others alike my relative.
Atphon Travelwear is my answer to dementia caused by aging brain malfunctioning. Every little design details of Atphon Travelwear are after long and hard thinking to provide a real-world solution to release some of the burdens when accidents happen. The special design elements embedded in Atphon Travelwear means that Atphon Travelwear can also be used in fields ot
I was studying for PhD in computer engineering at the University of British Columbia at the time my relative started showing early syndrome of dementia. Like all of my family members, I too participated in the searches of my relative several times in the missing events.
The frustration I encountered during the searches was “real” but also “unreal”. I am a person works in the technology field for over 15 years, have access and knowledge to most modem technologies, and would never think tracking down a gone missing dementia person could be this challenging if I didn’t experience the entire process by myself. During the searches, the most frequent question popping in my mind was “We have so much modern technology at our disposal, but so little was implemented in this sector, why didn’t we utilize more technologies at consumer-grade to help those in need?”
After my relative passed away, one day, the idea of this Atphon Travelwear came to me, and I jumped at it immediately.
According to numbers from Alzheimer Society, there are currently over 500,000 Canadian living with dementia, and the number going to reach 912,000 in 2030, 1 in 5 Canadians have experience caring for someone living with dementia.

If those numbers weren’t shocking enough, here are more numbers posted from World Health Organization (WHO), showing there are currently 50 million people who have dementia, and this number is going to reach 82 million in 2030 and 152 million in 2050 worldwide. That is on average 3.35 million new dementia cases increase per year until 2050. Take “The estimated proportion of the general population age 60 and over with dementia at the given time is between 5-8%” into consideration, that is currently we have 2.5 million to 4 million elderly people suffering dementia worldwide, and this number can potentially reach 6.56 million in 2030 and 12.16 million in 2050.

We are seeing this huge amount of people in need. They may have lost some of their intelligence due to natural causes, but through modern technology, we are giving intelligence back to those who may be needed.
This particular Atphon Travelwear is 1st generation, developed on our first-hand real-world experience. With unique implementation and design, I have a strong belief that we are only scratching the surface of the possibilities in this area, much more technologies will be executed in the future generations to help those in need.