Mission & Responsibility

Caring. the soul of Atphon Travelwear

Brief of Atphon Travelwear

The first version of Atphon travelwear introduces a smart jacket that transforms into a backpack. This innovation encompasses features such as giving the jacket a voice, enabling communication with people (Voice over IP), integrating global positioning elements for easy wearer location (GPS), and incorporating remote control capabilities to interact with smart objects (IoT).

Atphon Travelwear is a kind of IoT attire. Its trademark is “Atphon”, which means "Attire Phone".

Our aim is to establish a globally recognized brand that resonates with consumers. This innovative smart product, built upon wearables (encompassing attire, backpacks, and their fusion), is designed to either parallel, supplement, or even surpass conventional smartphones in various aspects.

Compared to traditional smartphones, garments have the capacity to house greater numbers of batteries, thereby bolstering power endurance. They can also accommodate an increased quantity of chips, expanding the scope of smart functionalities. Furthermore, they offer easier maintenance compared to smaller smartphones, thus reducing the likelihood of loss.

Atphon Travelwear has two technical pillars:

  • The variable jacket. This is a jacket that can be transformed into a backpack; moreover, this jacket is a combination of two styles of jackets: ordinary clothing and functional clothing, which is suitable for wearing in different occasions or situations, and also it is suitable for different seasons.

    For instance, during spring mornings, we used to put on heavy clothing to stay warm when heading out. However, as the day progressed, the rising temperatures often compelled us to shed these thick layers. This transition from bundled up to stripping down posed an inconvenience, as the discarded clothing became cumbersome to manage.

    Nevertheless, with the introduction of the Atphon jacket, this concern has been alleviated. Now, the need for disrobing no longer fills us with trepidation. Through the seamless transformation of the Atphon jacket into a backpack, the very same thick coats we once considered removing have transformed into a practical means of transporting goods.

  • The smart elements. These smart elements that attached to or serve Atphon jackets include QR code Logo, Hutware, Personal & Group Positioning, AIR Storage, etc., as well as the Cxino Cloud that provides IoT services for Atphon jackets.

    This smart wearable will assist those who need intellectual assistance, to assist those who need to strengthen their carrying capacity in various seasons and complex situations, to assist those who need the most sincere and caring intelligent wearables to protect themselves.

Advantages of being wearables

Whenever you find yourself on the street, you can always see, jackets and backpacks are like twin brothers:
  • Elderly individuals don jackets and carry backpacks as they leisurely stroll along the sidewalk, basking in the sun and relishing the refreshing air.
  • Students in jackets and backpacks are going to school.
  • Housewives in jackets and backpacks are going shopping.
  • Amid the heat, some carry their thick clothes by hand while slinging backpacks over their shoulders.

Now, jacket and a backpack are combined to form a Atphon Travelwear, then:

  • Elderly people no longer need to carry a spare empty backpack when walking in the outdoor air, because their jackets can easily be converted into backpacks when needed temporarily.
  • Employees no longer need to worry about the placement of the backpack after the items in backpack are emptied in the workplace, because the backpack can be worn on the body after it becomes a jacket.
  • In the classroom, students extract textbooks from their backpacks. The now empty backpacks don't burden them; they can cleverly transform into jackets for wearing. Atphon jacket comes equipped with pockets, where some small belongings find a snug home.
  • Housewives no longer need to bring extra spare backpacks when they go shopping, because they can get an extra large-capacity backpack anytime, anywhere after taking off their jackets.
  • After acquiring a versatile jacket such as Atphon that offers a carefree experience, travelers no longer have to bear the burden of holding or fastening the garments they remove during outdoor strolls. This is owing to the jackets also serving as backpacks, providing ample space for bulky clothing and various essentials.

Advantages of being a smart tool

Atphon Travelwear integrates intelligent wearable technologies, network communication capabilities, and intelligent sensing functionalities to create a versatile and adaptable fusion of clothing and backpack. This innovative solution is designed to partially or even entirely replace the functions of conventional smart devices, while also serving as a complementary accessory to traditional smart devices.

Technology should strive to offer convenience and simplicity without unnecessary complexity. The purpose of smart tools is to assist rather than overwhelm. Atphon Travelwear signifies our initial venture into the realm of intelligent clothing. Operating as IoT attire, it encompasses features of passive smart apparel. By leveraging the capabilities of the Cxino Cloud, all incorporated sensors, speakers, and communication devices can be effortlessly controlled remotely, freeing the wearer from the necessity of engaging in technical procedures. Given its jacket design, Atphon Travelwear provides ample space for integrating numerous intelligent chips and hardware components. When these chips and hardware are connected to other IoT products, they collectively offer a wide array of services, all in a non-intrusive manner.

Convertible attributes of attire can also protect and enhance intelligent elements.


  1. The enchantment of intelligent products often steals the limelight, overshadowing the crucial role that smart carrying solutions play. People commonly opt for clothing and bags laden with pockets and space to accommodate these intelligent items. Paradoxically, while attire and bags are acknowledged for their convenience, their significance in maximizing the potential of intelligent products remains underestimated.
  2. Tragic narratives have sparked the genesis of innovative clothing designs, birthing a novel genre: intelligent travel wear. Enter Atphon Travelwear, an intelligent tool poised to cater to the preferences of those grappling with elderly dementia. With such groundbreaking attire, the harrowing tales of individuals losing their way or even their lives due to dementia-related challenges could be averted.
  3. Picture a scenario where elderly individuals stricken with dementia languish by the wayside, grappling with hunger and exhaustion, sometimes even tumbling into mud ponds. These episodes lead to untraceable life stories, an unfortunate legacy that future generations could inherit. Enter a beacon of hope: attire equipped with intelligent elements that guide them home, potentially breaking the cycle of tragedy.
  4. Attire is an indispensable aspect of daily life, worn by everyone. Consequently, it holds the potential to become the paramount vessel for intelligence and information, seamlessly blending function with fashion.


It is a mixture of ordinary attire and function attire
The "two-layer fabric" is clearly defined as a combination of two separate pieces of attire, one of which is mainly used for carrying mobile devices, components and scannable codes, and the other is mainly used for ordinary fashion attire; this "two-layer fabric" can be used to convert into backpacks, or can also be used to transform into different types of attire for wearers to change, this feature is not available in a variety of similar technologies.
It is a mixture of attire and backpack
A backpack is assembled with two pieces of attire, and its volume of the interlayer will greatly exceed the ordinary backpack.

When a attire is converted into backpack, the interlayer space on back of attire is converted into main backpack, the interlayer space on left and right front chest part of attire are converted into two separate sub-backpacks, one is on left side, another is on right side of main backpack.

The opening of the two sub-backpacks capable of be closed with tightening cords or similar devices, or they are kept open for loading commonly used and less important items.

It is a mixture of wearables and smart element
The fabric cord pipes in Atphon Travelwear is not only used for cords of devices, but also used for sharing pocket pressure, which comprises acting as load-bearing cords.

The Atphon Travelwear not only carries mobile hardware, but also carries fabric intelligent elements such as scanable codes on scanable decorative fabric.

The scanable decorative fabric described here belongs to "fabric" to be carried by attire, and it is easy to be detached by wearer, so which facilitate wearer timely updating scanning code on his attire.

It is a mixture of carrier of personal hardware and personal data in cloud
The Atphon Travelwear is stitched into three spaces for carrying special smart hardware: one is on back of attire, another one is on left front chest part of attire, and the third is on right front chest part of attire, these three interlayer spaces capable of be placed into an inner pocket detachably, and the inner pocket is capable of being filled with soft filler to keep warm for wearer and as a cushion for hardware on attire.

In addition, the QR codes and smart hardware on attire directly connect to Cxino Cloud, it's like a person wearing Atphon Travelwear can carry his personal cloud databases anywhere anytime through the QR Code on attire.