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QR Transformer Jacket ( Atphon Series 1)

Jacket & Backpack Transformed in Seconds, Two-sides Reversible Jacket, Buttonized QR code on Jacket,20 more pockets, Water-resistance

Whenever you find yourself on the street, you can always see, jackets and backpacks are like twin brothers:
  • Elderly individuals don jackets and carry backpacks as they leisurely stroll along the sidewalk, basking in the sun and relishing the refreshing air.
  • Students in jackets and backpacks are going to school.
  • Housewives in jackets and backpacks are going shopping.
  • Amid the heat, some carry their thick clothes by hand while slinging backpacks over their shoulders.

Now, jacket and a backpack are combined to form a Atphon Travelwear, then:

  • Elderly people no longer need to carry a spare empty backpack when walking in the outdoor air, because their jackets can easily be converted into backpacks when needed temporarily.
  • Employees no longer need to worry about the placement of the backpack after the items in backpack are emptied in the workplace, because the backpack can be worn on the body after it becomes a jacket.
  • In the classroom, students extract textbooks from their backpacks. The now empty backpacks don't burden them; they can cleverly transform into jackets for wearing. Atphon jacket comes equipped with pockets, where some small belongings find a snug home.
  • Housewives no longer need to bring extra spare backpacks when they go shopping, because they can get an extra large-capacity backpack anytime, anywhere after taking off their jackets.
  • After acquiring a versatile jacket such as Atphon that offers a carefree experience, travelers no longer have to bear the burden of holding or fastening the garments they remove during outdoor strolls. This is owing to the jackets also serving as backpacks, providing ample space for bulky clothing and various essentials.